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Fashion Design Degree Education

Fashion Design Schools
Find fashion schools offering online fashion merchandising, fashion design, fashion marketing, and other programs that can help you develop the skills you need to get your foot in the door of this stylish career. Find schools in top fashion destinations like New York City, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, across the US and beyond.

The field of fashion and fashion marketing is a demanding yet rewarding path. Are you ready to combine your creative talents and marketing savvy into an exciting career? Some career paths include: Fashion Buyer, Product Developer & Retail Manager. You will work closely with account executives and store managers to select appropriate merchandise to sell in stores. You are knowledgeable about current and future trends and travel to national and international fashion markets to study them.

Following schools offer online fashion courses and degrees
• Fashion Design/Marketing

• Bachelor Degree in Web Development
• Certificate in Web Design

• Residential Planning - Diploma
• Digital Design - Diploma
• Web Design - Diploma
• Graphic Design - Associate Degree
• Multimedia & Web Design - Associate Degree
• Advertising - Bachelor Degree
• Culinary Management BS Degree Completion Program - Bachelor Degree
• Interior Design - Bachelor Degree
• Game Art & Design - Bachelor Degree
• Graphic Design - Bachelor Degree
• Multimedia & Web Design - Bachelor Degree

• Graphics and Multimedia
• Web Application Development

• Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications

• Graphic Design and Multimedia
• Visual Communications
• Animation
• Web Design & Multimedia
• CAD Courses

American InterContinental University
Fashion Design School
The fast-paced fashion industry is rich in career opportunities for individuals with an eye for color, line and texture, a keen business sense and a bold creative vision. AIU fashion school students are on the career track well before they graduate. They create a portfolio highlighting their best work for presentation to employers. Study tours to fashion centers like New York City, Paris and Milan are a great chance to network with the big names in the business. In addition, our students gain valuable experience as interns with designers, manufacturers and fashion houses.
The AIU Fashion Design School program helps new designers acquire the necessary skills to develop their personal style. Students also become familiar with the business and marketing side of the apparel industry.
Associate Degree in Fashion Design
Associate Degree in Interior Design
Associate Degree in Media Production
Associate Degree in Visual Communications
Bachelor's Degree Fashion Design
Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design
Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing
Bachelor's Degree in Media Production
Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications
Request Information - Atlanta (Buckhead), GA

International Academy of Design & Technology
Campus programs
The International Academy's Program in Fashion Design is demanding, technical, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art. Students are given a solid foundation in fashion illustration, pattern drafting, design, draping, clothing construction, textiles, fashion history and production techniques. All of the instruction is presented using industrial grade equipment in spacious and comfortable facilities built for optimum fashion design. Students are encouraged to realize their potential with inspiration provided by visiting designers and artisans with local and/or international reputations who conduct special lectures and workshops.
Associate of Science Degree in Web Design
Associate of Science degree in Computer Animation
Associate of Science Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing
Associate of Science Degree in Interior Design
Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design

Brooks Fashion Design College
Associate degree in Fashion
The Fashion Design program at Brooks College provides academic and specialized practical instruction to prepare the student to enter an ever-changing and exciting world of fashion. In this growing industry, there is a constant demand for technical knowledge and creative talent. Brooks College's Division of Manufacturing Education (D.O.M.E.) is the on-campus manufacturing facility where the major portion of the second year program is taught. Graduates of the program are qualified for the following: Designer and Assistant Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Design School, Production, Pattern maker, Pattern Grader, Fabrications and trim Buyer, as well as, Fashion Illustrator and Textile Artist.
Associate of Science Degree (Graphic Design)
Associate of Arts Degree (Fashion Design)
Associate of Arts Degree (Interior Design)
Associate of Arts Degree (Fashion Merchandising)
Associate of Science Degree (Animation)
Associate of Science Degree (Multimedia)
Katharine Gibbs School New York (New York, NY)
Fashion Design School and Merchandising
Students are trained, practically and academically, in all aspects of the fashion industry. Topics include: fabric printing and print design, sketching for the designer and illustrator, industry-standard pattern drafting, showroom and retail sales, fashion design school. Through the course of the program, students will be developing their own fashion portfolio.
Associate Degree Visual Communications
Associate Degree - Fashion Design.

PCDI - Professional Career Development Institute
The Professional Fashion Merchandising Program
Have you ever wondered why certain clothes show up in fashion advertising and still others never sell? Would you like to be able to plan and produce a successful fashion show? Do you want to know how consumer fashion trends are set? Are you interested in getting in on a fast-track field by taking a fashion merchandising course? If so, you've come to the right place!
PCDI's nationally accredited home study course will teach you about fashion merchandising, and much more. You'll Receive 17 clear, beautifully illustrated lessons. First, we'll teach you about consumer style preferences and purchasing habits. Next, we'll take you "behind the scenes" to Find out what retail buyers, department heads, store managers, fashion directors, visual merchandisers, and sales associates do. Then, we'll show you the secrets of staging fashion shows; planning special events; becoming a personal shopper; tracking fashion trends; and going for that first career position.
Key advantages of our school:
No campus attendance, no commuting, no deadline pressure
All exams are open-book/open notes
Learn at your own pace; graduate in as little as six months after taking the fashion merchandising courses!
Graduate with a nationally accredited diploma
Enroll any time and enjoy affordable, interest-free tuition
There are no educational prerequisites or experience requirements to enroll. Convenient, practical home study fashion merchandising courses and training from PCDI makes learning fashion merchandising easy and fun!
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