Jumat, 03 April 2009

Men's Secret When it Comes to Fashion

When it comes to fashion, Men are quiet involved but not as showy like women. They hide their personal fashion desire. Really? Yes, its quite like that but not intends for all men... Some men are showy too but it deals on different fashion which they've possess. There are few men who have their fashion consciousness which they are showy enough like women in being possessive when it comes to fashion styles, fashion designs, fashion lifestyle, and fashion trends. I'm not talking to the models, of course men models are showy for their fashion lifestyle because its their profession. Let's make an exception to those fashion models. Let's talk about the fashion of the masses, fashion of common people that gives an identity of how does a certain fashion trends are called "IN". Men's fashion consciousness are common to teens or boys. They are conscious on what they wear and what style do they depict. In this point of view, the fashion desires of men are dwells on what does the in demand fashion lifestyle are covered on the world of fashion. Fashionista is common only for women fashioner. Fashionista are those women and some fashion designers in the personality of the homos who really engage on the development and depicting styles of fashion trends. If we talk on men's fashion, we deals not only on the fashion as clothing line is concern. Men's fashion depicts variety of things that dwells on the lifestyle of every men. Though women fashion pertains in different things also but not as focus into the fashion lifestyle like in men do.

Men's Fashion are dealing with different aspects which govern their lifestyle. An aspects of depicting their fashion through love, morality, life, activity, and material. In these possession of men's fashion, their desire to uplift their lifestyle in these aspects are deals on their ability to compromise on what lifestyle do they possess. In these aspects of men's fashion reveals the secret of men with regards to fashion lifestyle.

Here are the secrets of men when it comes to fashion. As far as Fashion is concern, men are able to contribute their fashion desire. The secret is because of love. Love can control the fashion of a man. How? When his partner talk on what clothes he can wear. Absolutely, men can change their fashion styles in favor into their loveone to make them satisfy on how do they look in the eye of their loveone's. Another one is morality, moral is one of the aspect that make a men descent for depicting fashion. Moral is important for men in order to get more ladies. Ha ha ha! Yes, I'm not kidding. They want to be descent in their personalities in order to win the heart of a lady. Oh! I should say win the heart of the ladies. Next is about the activity of men. Men's activities are always connects with their fashion lifestyle. They turn into their fashion clothings and some other things with regards into fashion. In every activities they perform it shows how they carry their style of fashion. And behind those activities they have, it was dedicated to women of their life. And another aspect is the material aspects which totally involved all the fashion of men. Materials such as clothes, cars, gadgets, etc. are important for a man. Why? It was important because he want to make impress the girls around him. Men are became materialistic because they want to impress something. In generalization, for those aspects of fashion lifestyle of men. The hidden secrets are women. Beyond all those things, women are the reasons. When it comes to fashion of men, their secret are dwells on every women in their life.
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